Migration 2021 of RERO+: new system, new address

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The 58 RERO+ libraries made a major system change on 12 July 2021.


RERO+ is a non-for-profit foundation that succeeds RERO (Library Network of Western Switzerland) in managing the library system of its partner institutions. In December 2020, some of the libraries left the network towards the swisscovery platform. With the system changeover of July 2021 for the 58 other libraries, the transformation from RERO to RERO+ will be complete.

Implications for users as of 12 July 2021

  • New catalogue address: https://bib.rero.ch/
  • User account: active loans and requests will be transferred to the new system, as will personal contact details.
  • Password: it will be reset. It can be redefined from 12.07.21 with the personal e-mail (“Forgot password” function). People registered without an email address are asked to contact their usual library.
  • Data not recovered: this only affects lists and searches that may have been saved in the Explore account. Lists can be exported.