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The RERO 21 blog is finally published! “Finally”, because although the project officially started in September 2018, the RERO team has been working on it for many months, or even years if one considers the preliminary reflection and preparation of the project itself. And the desire to talk about the project has been with us all this time.

The structure of the blog will grow over time. For the moment, apart from the posts published as the project comes along, two more static pages are available:

  1. The presentation page which briefly describes the RERO 21 project and its different features.
  2. The resources page which lists useful links.

The posts are grouped using labels, which are displayed in the right-hand bar. For the moment, the main labels are as follows:

  1. rero21, about the project itself
  2. rero-ils is more specifically focused on RERO ILS and the development of the software by the RERO team.

If you wish to react to what you read, or simply exchange with the team at RERO, you can use the channels indicated in the right-hand bar. Although this site offers an RSS feed, which can even be tailored with each label, you can also subscribe to the RERO 21 newsletter using the following form:

Your e-mail address is only used to send you our newsletter and information about RERO 21. You can always use the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of each e-mail message you receive from us. This newsletter is managed using the service sendinblue, with activity tracking mode disabled.

Through this blog, the team wishes to share with you how exciting this new adventure called RERO 21 is!