The Network “IdRef suisse”: a Reality

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Authority management is an important topic in information science. The advances in information technology allow us to reshape it, with the aim of better cooperation. In this sense, the work of RERO+ and the Agence bibliographique de l’enseignement supérieur (Abes) has led to the creation of the network “IdRef suisse”, connected to the collective authority pool of Sudoc (Système universitaire de documentation). The rest of the text is available in French. Read More →

Towards integrating RERO authorities into the French-language IdRef reference system

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The RERO network will be split into two groups of libraries by 2020-2021, one integrating the Swiss Library Services Platform (SLSP) and the other adopting the RERO ILS solution. In order to avoid a situation leading to the creation of two divergent copies of its current French-language authority file, RERO decided to discontinue this file in favour of a solution that is more widely recognized and firmly rooted in a wider community, and that can be equally used by both SLSP and RERO ILS.

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