V1.2.0 is out: thanks for the translations!

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After another intense sprint at RERO+ and UCLouvain, the arrival of version v1.2.0 brings its share of new features and fixes to stabilize RERO ILS before the go-live on July 12th. The complete release notes are available on GitHub. This is an opportunity for us to highlight the community aspect of RERO ILS with the system’s translation processes.

RERO ILS community translation

In order to be open and accessible, RERO ILS must also be multilingual. In this perspective, the software is translated with the help of the Weblate service, which allows the development team as well as external people to collaborate. Indeed, the community can submit translations for the project. We would like to thank the following members for their contributions:

If you would like to contribute as well, please visit the project page on Weblate.

Several organisations for one patron

Among the many new features of v1.2.0 is the possibility of registering at libraries of multiple organisations using the same account, which is clearly a requirement of RERO+ libraries.

As previously stated, user circulation data is not shared between different organisations; however, it is likely that individuals are registered in libraries of different organisations, for instance once in the RERO Valais network and once in the RBNJ (Neuchâtel-Jura) network. Patrons can now view their data (loans, history, fines, etc.) from their different libraries through a dropdown menu on their account page. They don’t need to switch interfaces or log out to access this information.

A patron consults her circulation data in different RERO ILS organizations