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With another month elapsed, a new version of RERO ILS is available on the test interface. The work of the development team to improve the software continues with a new update that should be of interest to cataloguing professionals. Comprehensive release notes can be found on the project’s Github page : v0.11.0.

Professional interface: refining the document editor

As it is one of the librarians' main tools, particularly for cataloguing, the document editor must offer a clear and ergonomic interface, especially as this module must frequently display complex data according to rules that are not always obvious.

Work on fine-tuning this interface is constant and is evidenced in this version by an improvement in its readability.

The readability of the editor has clearly been improved for this version

The readability of the editor has clearly been improved for this version

This visual enhancement is accompanied by several adjustments:

  • New fields partOf (host document), seriesStatement (collection statement) and issuance (publishing mode) have been added. They allow the system to establish clean links between documents, a small revolution within the network where these links were previously based solely on character strings.
  • The display of some translations has been fixed, especially in the Add Field form. Please note that not all translations are up to date in this version due to a change of translation platform in progress. These problems will be corrected in the next version.
  • Bugs in saving the documents have been fixed.
  • The shortcut links Go to in the right panel are now working.

Inventory lists

Inventory lists are another new feature of the v0.11.0. Available in the professional interface through the Reports & monitoring menu, they can display item lists, filter them and export them directly in CSV format.

At the same time, the items also have a new second_call_number field allowing them to have a second call number, which is also displayed in the inventory lists.