Predictions? Very promising!

rero-ils release
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While sprint 29 is over and sprint 30 is already well underway, version v0.8.0 of rero ils is published (complete release notes). Below is a brief summary of what’s new.

Predictions for serials have become possible, with a flexibility which enables to encode the most common cases. Specifically, the holdings for serials can be edited and a section of the form is dedicated to prediction. This is done in two steps, the first to parameterize the sequence itself, and the second to configure its display, by means of a template mechanism. Ten of the most frequent predictions in RERO network libraries have been successfully imported.

Transaction history

The reader account as seen by the librarian is enriched with a tab displaying the history of transactions. For the time being, and in accordance with the rules in force, this history lists the transactions over the last six months. In the future, the reader may decide whether this history is accessible or not. However, it will be necessary for the proper functioning of libraries to keep a transaction history for an item, although limited in time.

Yearly subscriptions

Fee management now allows to manage yearly subscriptions, which is an existing practice in some cantons or municipalities in Switzerland.

Manual edition of the list of requests

The librarian was already able to place a request on an item for a reader, he or she can now edit the list of existing requests for an item: add a new request, delete one, or change the pickup location of one of the requests.

Search results filtered by organization

Search in the professional interface now filters the results on the basis of the organization of the connected person, as he or she works mostly on items belonging to his/her network. A new organizational facet, with the relevant organization selected by default, allows to restrict the results to a specific library, or on the contrary to extend the search to the entire catalogue of RERO ILS organizations, for instance to attach an item to an existing bibliographic record of another organization.
This default filter also applies to the search suggestions generated when typing a request.

Default filter for search results

Integration of IdRef authorities into MEF

Finally, it can be pointed out that the person authorities of the IdRef authority file have been added to the multilingual authority server MEF and are visible in RERO ILS, in view of the day when the RERO authorities will be uploaded to this file.