Appraisal on the RERO ILS workshops

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13 workshops, 11 towns, 8 cantons… and only one country of course. This completes the cycle of introductory workshops to RERO ILS started at the end of November 2019 and carried out in both German- and French-speaking Switzerland. The RERO central office draws a generally positive balance of this action.

Feedback from participants

Overall, participants gave good feedback of the workshops via our online form. Out of a total of 71 responses:

  • 66% of the participants felt that the workshop met their own expectations well or very well (top bar).
  • 76% of the participants are satisfied or very satisfied overall (bottom bar).
Chart: meeting expectations and overall satisfaction with the workshops

Meeting expectations and overall satisfaction with the workshops

Several participants encountered and noted technical problems that sometimes affected the running of the workshop. In addition, usability errors were highlighted as were some important functions that were missing from the system. Many expectations were expressed with regard to the other modules (cataloguing, acquisition, periodical management).

Within the libraries involved in the transition to RERO ILS, some people pointed out aspects that function differently than in the current system (Virtua) and expressed concern about the current state of developments for the upcoming transition.

Several people highlighted the modern and innovative aspect of RERO ILS. Overall, the interactivity of the workshop was very much appreciated.

Appraisal by the RERO central office

At the central office, we realised the difficulty of organising such events on a system in full development, with functionalities that evolve over time and technical equipment (Wi-fi and devices) not managed by the animators.

Nevertheless, the workshops were an excellent platform to exchange with professionals from different backgrounds, allowing us to better understand certain needs and processes, and enabling us to prioritise the functionalities under development. Several improvements have already been made thanks to the feedbacks received, for instance to allow for more efficient work within the circulation module.

The RERO central office is aware of the concerns of professionals about the changes to come and the functionalities that still need to be developed. We are doing our utmost every day to address these challenges and to take into account the needs of field professionals.