RERO ILS exposes itself to tests

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RERO launches a first phase of tests on RERO ILS in this month of March.

After having tested its software with the Swiss professional community during a first cycle of workshops, the central was able to collect a good number of feedbacks on the use and usability of the system. RERO now wishes to continue this improvement process in a formal way, by opening a test phase with some pilot libraries.

Test objectives

As RERO ILS is still in the development phase, this approach will be somewhat exploratory. The objectives are as follows:

  • Adopt a participatory approach (co-development) with the professional community
  • Identify usability issues (existing features but unusable as is)
  • Identify possible missing and unplanned functionalities
  • Identify bugs
  • Test RERO ILS with a large set of real data
  • Gathering a general opinion
  • Establish an exchange with and between the pilot libraries, focusing on specific aspects of RERO ILS
  • Gradually implement the new system in order to prepare a change as pleasant as possible for librarians.

Test procedure and scope

The test phase is scheduled to last two weeks, but can be adapted according to library availability. It is performed on version 0.6.1 of RERO ILS, and essentially concerns three parts:

  1. Circulation
  2. Public interface
  3. Administration and transversal aspects

Other functionalities are not directly targeted by this test phase although they already exist, as they are not sufficiently developed. This is particularly the case for cataloguing and acquisitions.

Pilot libraries

To carry out the tests, we contacted one or two of the largest libraries in each region. These institutions can more easily dedicate resources to testing and generally have more extensive needs. In addition, they often assume a regional coordinating role, either implicitly or explicitly. The procedure may be extended to other libraries in the future.

The tests are conducted by the following pilot libraries:

The test site was populated with real data used in the current Virtua system: the libraries themselves, their locations, bibliographic and item data, some of the patrons' records and the types of items and patrons. Naturally, data not intended for the public are only accessible to persons with the necessary authorisations.

💙 The central thanks the pilot libraries for their commitment!